I could definitely start this off by saying I love LOVE, but truthfully I don't know many people who don't, especially in the wedding industry! So since that's a given I think it's important for you to know WHY I believe that every legacy deserves to be documented in its most sincere and organic form.

I'm Erika, a Virginia Beach based travel and wedding photographer for couples who know that their wedding day is more than an event, it's the start of their legacy. 




Growing up my grandparents had a wall in their home that was covered in pictures of their life together. The wall showed them, their children, grandchildren, and yes even great grandchildren. First baths, Halloween costumes, violin recitals, vow renewals, high school graduations and even some weddings. This wall showed years full of laughter, love, but most importantly of LIVING and it all started with their wedding photo. A simple black and white taken in 1954 when two kids raised in rural Minnesota, one from the wrong side of the train tracks, promised to love and honor each other. That's what I think about every time I pick up my camera, whose wall am I starting? Whose grandchildren will these images inspire?

Aside from that, I KNOW that salt water can cure anything. I have spent many of my favorite memories with my toes covered in sand, hovering just outside of the typically too cold for me ocean. I LOVE anything banana flavored: chap stick, ice cream, frozen yogurt, pancakes and sunscreen. I also am beauty tutorial and supply obsessed girl, spending countless hours trolling beauty blogs (Maskcara is my fave!) I prefer pepper to salt, mustard to ketchup, vinegar to oil. I'm also slightly addicted to instagram!

I’m married to an adrenaline loving salt water junkie who is helping me navigating the parental waters to our two little beach bums, Maverick and Pierson. I am one of six kids and we are truly the best support system. The big sister in me comes out during wedding days when I am just trying to organize and get everyone together, hey it's a perk! 



I am honored every single time a bride and groom chooses my custom photography. I will no doubt cry behind my camera when your daddy sees you, because I remember when my dad cried walking me down the aisle. When it’s time for the momma and son dance, I’m typically a mess because one day that will be me! I believe in documenting I do and I will. I believe that YOUR story should reflect you and your love. 

It is so important to me that all my brides and grooms know this: I believe in legacies captured in their most sincere and authentic moments because I've been blessed enough to grow up in one and start one of my own. It is my philosophy to make the process easy and actually enjoyable! From picking engagement outfits to choosing vendors, making timelines to managing rowdy groomsmen (hey it happens!) I am there for each couple!

The Erika Mills 
Wedding Experience

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Noelle & ben 


Erika was truly a gem to work with. I could not have asked for a better photographer to work with. She was extremely professional during the sessions and prompt in providing us the photos. Not to mention her photos were beautiful! 

Not only did she capture every special moment of our big day so beautifully, but she was amazing to work with. 
We highly recommend her! She made a stressful process easy!                                             

Nathan & ashley



I was in awe! She was everything we were looking for and more! It wasn't just her photos that I loved, I immediately loved her as a person!                                                                                                     

joe & michelle



Absolutely Love Her! First time we met, I felt like I had known her forever. Love her approach to photography. Anyone who can get my husband to at least look comfortable on camera, is a magician :) The photos turned out amazing, both our engagement and day of pictures. 

Danny & lauren



She did an absolutely amazing job and she's so personable that you want to keep using her for all your picture needs. She helped me create a timeline so that we knew how the day would go and when it turned into a rainy mess she made sure we got the most amazing pictures that made the rain worth it.

jerry & heather 




I'd love to know more about you and plans for your big day! 

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