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Norfolk Botanical Gardens Senior Session | Aubrey

When I very first got a camera and started taking pictures, of my dog no less not even of people, the girls mom asked me to take their family pictures. We went to a spot in Norfolk and I was so proud of those images. My very first session and I didn’t charge her but she handed me money and said she wanted me. It was the first time I thought “Dang I could actually do this!!!”. Since I’ve known Aubrey her entire life, literally watching her grow up in a dance studio since she was 3 ( and oh my GOD so so cute!!) it was such a bittersweet moment doing her senior photos!!

Aubrey has accomplished so much in her life, with dance and school and pageant life, I am so excited for her!!! She will be headed to Virginia Tech next fall and I know she will walk right in, make a ton of new friends and have the best years of her young life. Seeing her grow up and getting to be a part of this family for so many milestones means so so much to me.

Thank you Hubel family for letting me capture these!!

Shadowcreek Wedding Virginia_0104.jpg
Shadowcreek Wedding Virginia_0105.jpg
Shadowcreek Wedding Virginia_0106.jpg
Shadowcreek Wedding Virginia_0107.jpg
Shadowcreek Wedding Virginia_0108.jpg
Shadowcreek Wedding Virginia_0109.jpg
Shadowcreek Wedding Virginia_0110.jpg
Shadowcreek Wedding Virginia_0111.jpg
Shadowcreek Wedding Virginia_0112.jpg
Shadowcreek Wedding Virginia_0113.jpg
Shadowcreek Wedding Virginia_0114.jpg
Shadowcreek Wedding Virginia_0115.jpg
Shadowcreek Wedding Virginia_0116.jpg
Shadowcreek Wedding Virginia_0117.jpg
Shadowcreek Wedding Virginia_0118.jpg
Shadowcreek Wedding Virginia_0119.jpg
Shadowcreek Wedding Virginia_0120.jpg
Shadowcreek Wedding Virginia_0121.jpg

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