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Virginia Beach Engagements | Madison & Tommy

In the fall I sat down at Starbucks across from these two and Madison pulled out her Pinterest board. As she scrolled up and showed me all the beach things that were inspiring her, she had unknowingly pinned images of MINE! I finally laughed and said “These are my pictures!!” and she had no clue!! I HAVE LOVED how much planning they have done together and was so happy we got some nice weather for their engagements!! It was definitely windy and a few bugs but the SUN was out and the temperatures were SO nice and warm!!!

Since Madison and Tommy are getting married near the water in the fall and he surfs, a beach engagement session was a must for them! We were able to spend some time in Virginia Beach and have the place to ourselves since there was supposed to be a crazy storm move in. They’re planning the sweetest seaside ceremony and will celebrate with all the coastal but pretty feels!

Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer_0001.jpg
Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer_0002.jpg
Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer_0003.jpg
Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer_0004.jpg
Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer_0005.jpg
Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer_0006.jpg
Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer_0007.jpg
Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer_0008.jpg
Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer_0009.jpg
Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer_0010.jpg
Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer_0011.jpg
Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer_0012.jpg
Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer_0013.jpg
Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer_0014.jpg
Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer_0015.jpg
Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer_0016.jpg

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