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Virginia beach wedding photographer 

Growing up with four sisters close in age, I've developed a natural love for all things girly: shopping trips, coffee time and now sister night. I'll always choose pepper over salt, sangria over beer and novels over newspaper. Words of affirmation is my love language and I'm happier with lots of experiences then things. And while I believe in a lot of things there is something else you should know. 

I believe in walls that are covered in photographs. Not because it will be filled with wedding portraits. I believe in walls covered by the bath times and violin recitals, by family vacations and the holiday traditions that all happened because of that wedding portrait. 

I spent so much of my time growing up near the sea and now raise my children by it. When I'm not behind the camera you can bet we are doing something with the water. My husband is an avid waterman and we are happiest breathing in salt air!

the favs

waves on the shore

There are few things I love more than sitting around the dinner table on Sunday with a home cooked meal and my whole family. It's our time to reminisce about all the fun times growing up! Plus we always have room for one more!

the favs

sunday dinners

The love story that inspired me to document others. The marriage that inspires me to protect my own. 
Weekly phone calls to these two and as many road trips as I can cram in to the little house outside DC.

the favs

my grandparents

Listen, I'm a girl who will try anything once. I absolutely love trying new products but have been lucky in recent years to find some that are now my ride or die! These little things really speak to self care, it's so much more than a trip to Ulta!

the favs

beauty products

They don't call it the happiest place on Earth for nothing. Between the fireworks, the smells, the dole whips or Mickey ice creams, and everyone being SO nice (especially on your birthday!) I never leave here unhappy. 

the favs

Disney World



my why

the heart behind 

what i do

In 1954, two people said “I do” in a small church in rural Minnesota. He was a bagger at the small grocer, and she was the little sister to his buddy. 

From that promise to honor, love and serve came three kids, eleven grandkids, and now grandbabies. That was the starting point of their legacy - September 11, 1954. 

That boy and girl are my Gramps and Grams and their love story sets my heart on fire to document others. 

While I was growing up, my grandparents had a wall in their home that  was covered in photographs. The photos showed bath times, violin recitals, hand-made Halloween costumes and so much life.

I think about that wall every time I pick up my camera to photograph one of my brides....
what will her wall look like?


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let's get to know each other beyond the contact form

Relationships are the heart beat of my business and I feel like we just can't do that over email! Let's chat on the phone or over coffee!

things get serious

We make things official easily! Everything is done online since I know your time is valuable! My whole goal is to streamline everything so you can enjoy being engaged! After all it will be such a short time in the history of your relationship! 

Laughs and fun at your engagements

Since I believe with every ounce of my being the best way to help your relax is spending time with you, we schedule engagements 6-9 months before your big day!

i'm here to help throughout the planning process

Whether you need help with timelines, family formal lists, vendor organization, etc I believe you invest in vendors who invest in you!

and then there were two

By this time, we are both so excited over all the details I don't get much sleep the night before! I look forward to the bridal prep, the ceremony and the vows! Okay and definitely the moves on the dance floor! 



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