And Jaxson makes three


I feel like everyone has THOSE friends. The ones you don’t see nearly as often as you’d like but know that the next time you do it’s like no time has passed. Jeff & Lindsey are those friends to us. It can be months of not seeing each other and you’d never know it. They are two of the most genuine people I have EVER had in my life, the kind who treat their dogs like friends and their friends like family. They’re the shirt off their back kinda people, always surrounded by people who have nothing bad to say about them. So, when Lindsey messaged me and asked what I was doing one random day in June, I held my breath hoping she wanted me to shoot an announcement or gender reveal!

Jaxson is set to arrive in December and I cannot wait to meet him!! The fact that he will likely wear one outfit a week of my sons may make him my favorite baby on FB aside from my own 😉

It was the perfect fall day to wander around the Freemason district of Norfolk! I love the old architecture and cobblestone streets near the waterside. It really provides such an old town feel in such a modern city!


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