Alyssa, Matt and baby girl Smith


There is always something really beautiful about a maternity session.

Maybe it’s because I think back to that excitement, the hours spent dreaming and wondering out loud who will your baby look like, whose nose will she have, what color hair will he get, will she have hair at all, will he have your lips and the list goes on!

It’s the way that two people look at each other, knowing this will likely be the last time they’re photographed just them and then they get a new title, my favorite title, parents.

Alyssa and Matt met me out in Virginia Beach one perfect August night for a really stunning session. They wanted something casual and relaxed, with a beach feel.

I loved her outfit choices, one dressy but still fit into that outdoor vibe and the other was perfect for a beach babygirl to be. Add in a little glamour with hair, makeup and jewelry and it really made these images everything! I cannot wait to see that little girls face on my newsfeed.

Alyssa & Matt: I wish you guys all the best as baby girl makes her way to this side of the world. Take it all in, even the moments where you feel like you cannot keep your head above water. The journey and path of parenthood is met with so many smiles and tears and moments you feel like your heart will burst from being so happy. 


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