A few of my favorite things


Since deciding to write this blog, there are literally daily things that I think “I need to share that!”

For the record, there are also things I think “Lord, don’t let another soul know about this. They will definitely call social services.”

I’ll ease you into my life as a momma to two, although I count my husband as a man-child, boys. My youngest, Pierson, can’t count too much as he’s not even 4 months old and doesn’t really “do” much.

This is obviously our second rodeo. I remember being pregnant with Maverick and combing momma blogs along with thebump.com and Parents Magazine. I bought most of what they recommended and never used it. I wondered why didn’t someone tell me about these little random things?! Where was the article on this?! So I’m going to share! Our favorite things part one!

Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper

If you have the room for extra stuff, this thing has been a lifesaver for us. Pierson inhaled a ton of fluid during delivery and had a terrible cough the first week because of it. He spit up a lot of what he swallowed and it freaked me out to lay him flat because I was paranoid he would choke. So, he slept in this the first week instead of his crib. Now, I move it around the house while I am cooking or folding laundry or working and he can come with me. It keeps them propped up nicely so they can see and also slightly hugs them so their startle reflex is contained. Worth it. BUY IT.



Bumbo Floor Seat

((As a disclaimer, I am very aware of the recall on these HOWEVER I feel they’re being recalled due to parent negligence. Obviously, don’t leave your child on a countertop where they can flip over.)) The first two months, a baby mostly lays flat and can only look at what is directly above them. Can you image how boring? Only staring at mainly ceilings, ceiling fans and perhaps a TV if yours is hung high enough. Lame. So, we used this a lot. Now, obviously neither of my boys could hold their head up stable enough at two months. While we all sat on the couch, we would wedge them in this with a blank so they didn’t slide everywhere, prop something in the front so the seat slightly leaned back and roll a blanket behind their head. Now the baby is propped up, can look at new stuff, and you can work to make sure no flat head! It’s also super portable so works later as a high chair if you’re off at in-laws or something and need somewhere to feed the baby.



Playtex VentAire Bottles

When I posted the question on Facebook about bottles it was a unanmous Dr. Brown’s! But when I actually used one they were such a pain to clean and I truly felt like the bottles were never really that clean. I work way too hard pumping liquid gold for my boys to feed it to them in a bottle I’m not sure ever was truly clean. Well enter these. First, these are the only bottle that have that crook which makes total sense to me for a few reasons: it keeps air out, since the bottle isn’t straight up and down it is ergonomically correct for feeding/neck position, and it’s easy to prop up if you have to do that to shower, brush your teeth, make dinner, ya know 😉



Skip Hop Versa diaper bag

Look, I am a girl girl. I coveted a COACH diaper bag like no one’s business until my husband said he absolutely would not spend that kind of money on a bag that would have spilled bottles, sippy cups, food, and dirty diapers in it. So, I skulked to BRU and registered for this bag. I will only admit it here, but he was right! It was important to me that my diaper bag look nice, I didn’t want a zebra print or a hot pink one. I wanted one that blended in, I could toss my wallet in and it didn’t distract or draw attention to. Something that was kind of classic in style. That what I wanted in “looks”. In function this bag has it all! A shoulder strap that can be lengthened to crossbody size, SO important when you have no free hands and don’t want your bag sliding down your shoulder as you struggle to carry a bucket(then later a bucket and toddler across a packed parking lot!) It also zipped closed, so I could fill it to the brim and shove my wallet inside and no one was the wiser. Add on that it had tons of storage, was expandable and easy to clean and now you know why I didn’t buy a new bag for my second babe. I love that it also had side straps and made it easy to attach to the stroller.


Baby Jogger City Select

Now, look people are very passionate about their strollers. I am no exception. When we had Maverick, I used a jogging stroller as our main one and I had no complaints. It was large, but didn’t bother me since we had an SUV. We took that thing everywhere! The beach, Busch Gardens, even Walt Disney World. It held everything we needed to, was super easy to maneuver and when I thought I would force myself to become a runner it cooperated. Yet, it just wasn’t gonna make it with two abbes. Maverick still rides in a stroller and I will push him until he’s six if it means lack of melt downs in public places 😉 So, pregnant with Pierson and the hunt for the perfect double that wasn’t $1000 was my mission! I was deadset on not having a side by side double because one I wanted to see Pierson  in his bucket for the first six months and two I hated how wide they were! I had seen too many people get stuck and that was not for me. Plus, I wanted a stroller where if I only had one boy I wasn’t pushing a double. Enter this one after being suggested by my girlfriend Amanda. This is THE STROLLER!! Easily converts to a single if you only have one kid but can accommodate up to three kids with the addition of the glider board( like a sit and stand kind). Now, I wish I would have just purchased this stroller from the get go since we knew we wanted two closer together. If that’s your plan, I’d absolutely push you this way. They do get you having to buy every accessory separate but if you watch for it online, you can find a deal. I purchased mine and got the second seat for free! It’s easy to fold, fits nice in the back of my SUV WITH the 3rd row up, offers tons of storage and easy to push. Not to mention  the customer service from the company is second to none. I was so impressed when I called them because of a wire sticking out, helpful and prompt in their replacement!61eYll+XE3L

Hope this helps someone! Even if you don’t end up with them, maybe it will make you look for other features!



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