A new start


There are some people who are made to be moms.

I like to think of myself as one.

While a career has always been a goal, I knew I’d never feel like anything if I didn’t have little ones to love.

Now, I never EVER pictured boys in my life.

I always had girls in my visions of my future. Which I was totally obsessed with since I grew up with sisters and that was all I really knew.

All day Barbie days where we literally turned our bedroom into Barbie city. 4 hours to set up and 4 hours of playing.

Closets full of pink, lace, glitter, bows and eventually heels.

Bathroom drawers full of every hair product you could think of and any makeup item found in a drugstore.

But then God gave me boys. And it wasn’t at all that I didn’t want boys, I just truly had never pictured myself as a boy mom.

I don’t like to get dirty.

I don’t know how to play with legos and turn those blocks into airplanes and boats.

I don’t like to fish.

Thankfully, I have a husband who does and I am learning…except the dirt. Still girl there!

BUT I’m learning. Someone told me the other day I will do a great job raising them, but truthfully they’re raising me. 

So here’s to my first series on my blog! I’ll share tips, tricks, stylish outfits, and just honestly things that make me laugh out loud while I’m BEING RAISED BY BOYS

(PS: They’re doing a great job!)



Pierson 3 months 1 day. Maverick 2 years 5 months.


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