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With the colder weather approaching, that means engagement and portrait sessions have slowed down so has the blog!! BUT I have two more sessions to share before we close out the year, and this is one of them!! It has been a whirlwind of a year for me and this little photography business. 2018 is ALMSOT booked, with me being able to take on just TWO more weddings but so many popular dates are already booked!! It makes me SO SAD to send those emails that I’m booked, because 2 years ago I never thought that would be me! Okay back to these two….

Clyde & Melissa met through work and are planning their March wedding at PWC and I can’t wait to see how Jaime and her team transform the space. Since these two live in Norfolk, they wanted to make sure their engagement session reflected something they liked to do, definitely something I encourage!! So we walked the Freemason District with a fun “picnic” and ended in front of the Chrysler Museum of Art on the Hague bridge. The weather was SO perfect!! If you can’t tell from these pictures that Clyde brings Melissa Joy, I think you ned to visit your eye doctor 😉 Such genuine smiles and joy radiating from her, she is going to make such a HAPPY bride!!

erika mills wedding photography_0052.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0053.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0054.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0055.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0056.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0057.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0058.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0059.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0060.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0061.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0062.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0063.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0064.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0065.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0066.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0067.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0068.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0069.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0070.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0071.jpg

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