First Landing State Park Engagements | Joe & Jaime


Can I just say how fortunate and THRILLED I am with all the joyful brides I have been photographing?? There is NOTHING I love more than people who have infectious laughs and smiles, and these two are NO exception! Joe and Kenny work together as Norfolk firefighters and although they aren’t on the same shift anymore, they still see each other plenty thanks to fishing 😉 When I sat down with Jaime to chat about her wedding day she couldn’t emphasize enough she just wanted a fun day where everyone enjoys themselves and there is NO stress! She already had so much done by the time we met and at the engagements it was no different! So many fun things are planned for their day but I don’t want to give anything away!! We spent some time walking around First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach and had the best weather.

The week before was chilly and miserable, but we both kept an eye on the forecast and it was a gorgeous night! Their cute pup Traxx made a debut and clearly stole the show, looked so fresh with his new haircut! I cannot wait to celebrate at The Hermitage Museum and Gardens in Norfolk with these two!! If it’s anything like this engagement session, it’s sure to be a FUN and laughter filled celebration!!





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