Freemason District Norfolk Engagements | Christian & McKenzie


You’ll just have to take my word for it, but trust me when I say these two are just as cute in real life as in pictures! 😉 I literally did a happy dance in my car after this session because it was super easy and the light was AH-MAZING! Since we planned their engagements in the Freemason District literally months in advance, a short weekend when schedules would bring them back to town we were having to make it happen regardless and we did! The weather was perfect for the end of August, a short reprieve from the intense heat, and the light was incredible!

McKenzie and Christian have quite the made for the big silver screen love story in how they met. They were set up for a school function called the Carolina Cup, a big to do at USC. Christian’s fraternity brother knew McKenzie from high school and after their first date they discovered their parents actually knew each other from college and they have mutual family friends! Before school started, McKenzie’s mom my mom was telling her about her friend of a friend’s son who would be a freshman with McKenzie and remarked that maybe they would meet, but McKenzie totally blew it off thinking no way! USC has a huge incoming undergrad class and the chance they would bump into each other, let alone meet and date, so SLIM but mom’s know best ya know? ;D

They’ve recently spent a lot of time apart while McKenzie finished PA school and Christian was in law school in Atlanta, but now she’s graduated (Wahoo!) and they will finally get to be together again! I am already so ready for their spring wedding, with incredible vendors and I have a sneak peek at her dress..WOW!!

Enjoy some of my favorites!

Freemason District Engagements_0001.jpg
Freemason District Engagements_0002.jpg
Freemason District Engagements_0018.jpg
Freemason District Engagements_0003.jpg
Freemason District Engagements_0004.jpg
Freemason District Engagements_0005.jpg
Freemason District Engagements_0006.jpg
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Freemason District Engagements_0012.jpg
Freemason District Engagements_0011.jpg
Freemason District Engagements_0010.jpg
Freemason District Engagements_0013.jpg
Freemason District Engagements_0014.jpg
Freemason District Engagements_0015.jpg
Freemason District Engagements_0016.jpg
Freemason District Engagements_0017.jpg
Freemason District Engagements_0019.jpg


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