Heather & Brandon | Shadowcreek Wedding


Oh Shadowcreek we meet again BUT this time…in much cooler weather!

Friday weddings are my JAM, I absolutely love them and the entire vibe the day brings! Everyone comes together and is so ready to party, they stay until the very end and are ready for the after party! If I could go back, I’d definitely do a Friday wedding too!

The first time I chatted with Heather, I was hung up thinking “We’re best friends” and that was it. She is SO easy to talk to, hilarious, literally one of the girls, and the only downfall to her is she lives 3.5 hours away from me!!

After their engagements at bull run I couldn’t wait to be back in Northern VA and see them for their wedding day! I love how obsessed they are with their adorable pup, Cooper. He not only made his appearance at engagements, but was sprinkled through the day on the corn hole boards, koozies, and as the signature drink! It was a beautiful ceremony, complete with all the tears, followed by a joyful reception where even a donut truck made an appearance!! I know the after party was just as fun!!

There are just some couples you want to be friends with forever and these two are definitely one of mine!! Enjoy some of favorites!

Heather & Brandon-have the best time on your month long European honeymoon!! Send me lots of pictures!

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Wedding Planner:  RMRED Events

Dress: Essense of Ausstralia from Posh Bridal

Hair: Brianna VanderVeer 

Makeup: Christin Mua 

Groomsmen and Groom attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Florist: Burke Florisr

Venue:  Shadow Creek Weddings

DJ:  DJ Luccio 

Cake: Kari’s Kakes

Catering: P.I.G.S Catering 

Invitations: Minted


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