January Recap


So my new year’s resolution was to take more personal photos and at the end of the year to create a family yearbook! I’ll let you now how it goes but so far we are off to a great start!

Obviously this will likely be the MOST eventful month of our year since it was the month we welcomes Pierson Kane Mills!!

Like Maverick, we had to get Pierson to the beach. Thankful for this crazy weather we live in, we had a day that spiked near 60 about a week after he was born so we headed to sand bridge five minutes down the street from us and added to our family beach photo collection. So lucky to live here and be just up the road from our little piece of vacation!!

We had our first snow in our new home, and truly our first good snow since we have had kids! Maverick, like his parents, is not a fan of the snow! The first snow we bundled him up, opened the garage door and he said “No I go back inside. Too cold.” HA! What two year old says that?! Luckily the second week of snow, we had one day where it was nearly 60 at our home and this encouraged him to go outside and play in the snow then!


That picture on the left was taken by Mav! Tigger is his buddy and he is so fascinated with using Mommy’s camera. Not bad for a two year old!!



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