Michelle || Maternity


Isn’t there something just so magical and gorgeous about the anticipation of growing your family?

I know not everyone has great experiences with pregnancy, but man it is one of my MOST favorite things to photograph.

There is just such an excitement that bubbles into the conversation I can hardly contain myself from peppering the momma with questions. Thankfully, Michelle humors me when I grilled her on all things girls! I loved seeing these three again and chatting all things toddlers and babies. We can all agree Michelle is GLOWING moving through these last couple months and that baby P is sure to be adorable. We had pushed this session twice and VA weather didn’t disappoint this third time! It finally warmed up for their session and we headed to one of my favorite spots, Back Bay in Virginia Beach. So thankful for some nicer weather and a deserted beach. Add in that soft early springtime glow and it was heaven!


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