Neon District Norfolk | Virginia Engagement Photographer | Katie & Josh


Oh my goshhhhhhh I am going to try so hard not to overwhelm you with images here 😉 First, you may recognize these two from their gorgeous just because session last year! Needless to say when I saw that Josh had proposed I was ecstatic for them!!! Enter in Katie asking if I would shoot their February wedding…in Florida and I was literally jaw on the floor excited!! These two are such dream clients for me, they love each other fiercely and adventure together! Katie is so friendly and down to earth but my girl loves her glam time too!! I think we can definitely agree that she will be such a stunning bride!!! I loved getting to shoot in the Neon District in Norfolk! Such a fun and urban location, perfect juxtaposition to the little green spot Katie found on her walk. I mean can every session end with puppy kisses from the cute Hunter?! So excited for their Sanctuary Resort and Spa wedding this winter!!

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