Pleasure House Point Engagements | Katie & Sam


Somehow we lucked out with the most beautiful late spring weather for Katie and Sam’s engagements at Pleasure House Point this May. Not one other photographer, no humidity, no rain, no wind, just a beautiful quiet evening! Katie was a bridesmaid in Jessica and John’s wedding and it’s always the best compliment when I get chosen for those girls weddings!!

When she was telling me her engagement story, I had to laugh because Sam made her WORK for it! They ended up taking a bike ride, that turned into a 14 mile bike ride through First Landing where he had set up his go pro to capture the proposal! First Landing is special to them since it’s where one of their first dates were. Originally they met at ODU and became friends, which later turned into a relationship then a long distance relationship while Katie went through Optometry school in Boston. After graduating, they moved in together in the Chic’c Beach community and love all the outdoor stuff they get to do there.

They’re getting married at a newer venue in Virginia Beach (and it will be my first time shooting there!) The Gala 417. Enjoy some of my favorites of the two!



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