Pleasure House Point Fall Engagements | Mallory & Chris



Let me tell ya why: Chris is technically family. My kids call him Uncle Chris and his daughter their cousin, even though they’re technically family by marriage since his brother is married to my sister. We knew it would always take someone SO special to be his wife and when he started dating Mallory I had a feeling she was going to be the one. She just fit right in!

When we heard he was going to propose I was SO excited because he is just the best guy! Mallory is so sweet, funny, and balances him perfectly and we love having her as another arm of the family!

We met up at Pleasure House Point for their engagements. I had asked another photographer friend for some insight into where she shoots with these taller trees so she pointed me down a new path. The photos with the glowy light and the large trees hanging over had freaked out behind the camera. Chris always brings the laughs, he is seriously one of the funniest guys I know, so getting him to make Mallory laugh was easy too!

It was such a beautiful shoot and one that will always be special to me. Such a great way to find some joy in this weird year and look forward to 2021!

Back Bay Spring Engagements_0031.jpg
Back Bay Spring Engagements_0032.jpg
First Landing Fall Engagements_0001.jpg
First Landing Fall Engagements_0002.jpg
First Landing Fall Engagements_0003.jpg
First Landing Fall Engagements_0004.jpg
First Landing Fall Engagements_0005.jpg
First Landing Fall Engagements_0006.jpg
First Landing Fall Engagements_0007.jpg
First Landing Fall Engagements_0008.jpg
First Landing Fall Engagements_0009.jpg
First Landing Fall Engagements_0010.jpg
First Landing Fall Engagements_0011.jpg
First Landing Fall Engagements_0012.jpg
First Landing Fall Engagements_0013.jpg
First Landing Fall Engagements_0014.jpg
First Landing Fall Engagements_0015.jpg
First Landing Fall Engagements_0016.jpg
First Landing Fall Engagements_0017.jpg
First Landing Fall Engagements_0018.jpg
First Landing Fall Engagements_0019.jpg


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