Show & Tell Fridays….my Mom!


Another Friday and another installment of Show & Tell! My whole goal with this series is for you to get to know me little by little. I just feel like there is no way you can know me without knowing a part of who my momma is.  To say I have always wanted to make her proud is a gross understatement. Now that I am a mom, I realize everything she did for us. I wanted to have kids young like her because I loved having a young mom who was always having fun with us. I wanted to get married the same time of year as her. I wanted to speak German because she’s German. I just love that woman. Now that isn’t to say I didn’t pluck her nerves, okay maybe I still do. Many days, she is my person!

My mom was born in Germany but moved to the US shortly after that. She is actually a legal alien, not a resident. She met and married my dad all within 3.5 months, when he went off to sea my mom held down the fort. She stayed home with three kids under three  and watched other people’s babies to make some extra money. We moved to CA for my dad to go through graduate school and my mom got a job at Benjamin Franklin because she is incredibly talented and loves all things art. Growing up, momma made a lot of our clothes. I am pretty sure my class pictures from K-4th grade I am wearing at least one thing she made. I vividly remember these leotards with snap bottoms she had for me and I hated wearing them snapped, so I wouldn’t close them and would walk around with them riding out of my jeans! My mom cut our hair for years, colored my hair for years after that, let me use her makeup(okay maybe sometimes I stole it!) and taught us all how to cook even though I haven’t kept that skill polished. 😉 I can honestly say I just don’t remember not having something growing up. She always made sure we had what we wanted/needed/etc. Now, she is the manager of the USAA financial center and she loves it. If you live in my area, you may have heard her voice on the radio!

It is amazing to me now that I am older how much I resemble her. There’s no denying I am her daughter, but even my mannerisms. She’s the first person I call for help with anything! I’m so blessed I was given her! She is the mom who always took in one more kid on field trips, paying for them and watching after them. Even at this age in my life she still will act like a momma to my friends and sisters friends. 

Love you momma bear! 


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