Tuesday’s Together 

For Photographers

A few months back I reached out to my girlfriend Amanda about this urge to start some kind of get together. Somewhere new photographers could come and feel welcome and ask anything. I don’t claim to know everything but I wanted just open dialogue. Some kind of safe haven for those just trying so hard to make their dreams work! She had done it a few years back and I just wanted some guidance. I poured my heart out about how I just KNEW God was calling me to do this but I didn’t know where to start. It had sat on my heart for a few months at that point and I wanted to see it come to fruition. She heard me out and encouraged me to wait one more week because something BIG was happening and she knew I’d be perfect for it. So I waited. She text me as soon as the announcement came. Natalie & Krista, two beyond talented creatives in Annapolis, we’re launching a movement called the Rising Tide Society with a monthly get together named Tuesday’s Together. I submitted my name and was thrilled to be chosen to lead this area.

Honestly, the week leading up to our first meeting I had no clue if people would show. I figured I would sit in the restaurant alone and enjoy dinner by my self (listen as a mom of two boys, that didn’t sound so bad either!!) I was so excited when people came!! The ladies who sat around me that night fanned my fire. I left wanting more and to bring more to the table! Second meeting a huge hit!! We had so many people come. Last week we had our third meeting on Instagram tactics and it was SO great!! I felt like people for sure walked out of there with some helpful tools for their business and that made my heart soar! I texted Amanda that my heart nearly exploded teaching people and meeting them, I never knew I would love it so much! Watching people have these aha moments was so powerful for me.

Now I’m nowhere near “made it” status in my opinion but that’s because I don’t meet my definition of it yet and that’s ok. I’m working on it and laying a super solid foundation. I know in my heart I am loving on and serving each couple that comes my way how I would want to be served. I adore them, their hearts and love and stories! Tuesday’s Together has truly saved me in a sense from retreating into myself, that place you go when you stack the chart with everything everyone else is doing you’re not. That place you know? The constant place of looking who is doing it more than you?

Those ladies, we have yet to have a guy make it (ahem rude), just make my night. They’re friendly and welcoming and ready to learn and share and support. I LOVE that people who are literally just starting out feel safe and those who have done it awhile feel good too. My hope is that every person who comes to our meetings come with open hearts and minds. We are such an incredible community with so much talent it makes my jaw drop! I’m so thankful to these ladies who come out! You can keep up with us on IG at #757tuesdaystogether or #hamptonroadsrisingtide



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