Virginia Beach Engagements | Christin and Brett


Finally getting back into the swing of shooting regularly through the week and weddings on the weekend feels SO GOOD after such a long break from normal business rhythm!!

When I originally spoke to Christin on the phone it was just so fun and easy! We talked, laughed and she just gushed about Brett! After spending time with him, it’s so easy to see why they are such a great couple! Both are so friendly, relaxed, and make you feel like you’ve known them forever!!

They’re getting married in April at Lesner Inn because they don’t want to be so sweaty at their wedding and I was a little worried their engagements would turn out that way because of the time of year!! Well lucky them (and me!!) we didn’t have any hot weather for their session and actually had a comfortable breeze and perfect evening light!! Aside from all the weird little crabs eevrywhere, you could not ask for better conditions for outdoor photos!!

Enjoy my favorites!


Virginia Beach Engagements_0001.jpg
Virginia Beach Engagements_0002.jpg
Virginia Beach Engagements_0003.jpg
Virginia Beach Engagements_0004.jpg
Virginia Beach Engagements_0005.jpg
Virginia Beach Engagements_0006.jpg
Virginia Beach Engagements_0007.jpg
Virginia Beach Engagements_0008.jpg
Virginia Beach Engagements_0009.jpg
Virginia Beach Engagements_0010.jpg
Virginia Beach Engagements_0011.jpg
Virginia Beach Engagements_0012.jpg
Virginia Beach Engagements_0013.jpg
Virginia Beach Engagements_0014.jpg
Virginia Beach Engagements_0015.jpg
Virginia Beach Engagements_0016.jpg
Virginia Beach Engagements_0017.jpg
Virginia Beach Engagements_0018.jpg
Virginia Beach Engagements_0019.jpg
Virginia Beach Engagements_0020.jpg
Virginia Beach Engagements_0021.jpg
Virginia Beach Engagements_0022.jpg
Virginia Beach Engagements_0023.jpg
Virginia Beach Engagements_0024.jpg
Virginia Beach Engagements_0025.jpg
Virginia Beach Engagements_0026.jpg
Virginia Beach Engagements_0027.jpg

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