Virginia Beach Engagements | Courtney & Keegan


I know so many of my photographer friends have felt the crunch from rescheduling sessions all summer due to the rain. Courtney & Keegan were such champs when their engagement session in Virginia Beach got rescheduled twice, the most recent time due to Hurricane Florence! While I don’t normally shoot on the weekends unless it’s a wedding (I reserve it for family time since Maverick is now in school!) I was happy to make an exception for these two. Our forecast was looking perfect….until I pulled up and sat under a big rain cloud and my Dark Sky app alerted me rain would start in 15 minutes. Um what?!

Luckily these two were champs and shortly after starting we tucked under a deck for some shelter before braving the threatening skies again! The upside to that sky….beautiful even light and having both locations virtually to ourselves! We even had a little dolphin sighting!

It was the perfect evening with these two and I am SO excited for their day next year in Smithfield! Enjoy some of my favorites!

Virginia Beach Engaments_0001.jpg
Virginia Beach Engaments_0002.jpg
Virginia Beach Engaments_0003.jpg
Virginia Beach Engaments_0013.jpg
Virginia Beach Engaments_0004.jpg
Virginia Beach Engaments_0005.jpg
Virginia Beach Engaments_0006.jpg
Virginia Beach Engaments_0009.jpg
Virginia Beach Engaments_0007.jpg
Virginia Beach Engaments_0008.jpg
Virginia Beach Engaments_0010.jpg
Virginia Beach Engaments_0011.jpg
Virginia Beach Engaments_0014.jpg
Virginia Beach Engaments_0017.jpg
Virginia Beach Engaments_0012.jpg
Virginia Beach Engaments_0016.jpg
Virginia Beach Engaments_0015.jpg
Virginia Beach Engaments_0018.jpg
Virginia Beach Engaments_0019.jpg
Virginia Beach Engaments_0020.jpg
Virginia Beach Engaments_0021.jpg


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