Back Bay Engagements | Blake & Megan


Oh warmer weather….finally!!! The first time I talked to Megan, she answered the phone at work and talked to me in a tiny little cubby aka the bathroom! 😉 Her excitement literally poured through my phone and I hung up PRAYING we would be a wedding team!! Our engagement session was just as fun and comfortable. Megan, like myself, just doesn’t do cold and opted to wait until spring and have nicer weather then work through the winter blues. #YesShesDefMyKindaGirl

Back Bay was warm this day but SO windy! These two were just troopers working through it and laughing it off. Blake and Megan met while they worked together at a local chik-fil-a and actually both still work there but in management levels now! Together they’ve traveled the US opening stores from sea to sea and have HUGE plans for their next five years. I love that although so much is up in the air with their careers they’re still so excited for new adventures and maybe a furry baby 😉 Afterwards she sent me the sweetest thank you text that again just reaffirmed these two are SUCH a blessing to me! 






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