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It’s the second installment of Show & Tell Friday’s. Just a fun and easy way to get to know a little about me at a time! If you’re a fellow wedding creative who is interested in linking up for this, shoot me an email! This series will run through the end of 2016(that seems so far away)!


Well today’s blog post just wouldn’t be of any interest for guys, unless of course you’ve got a girl in your life and want to surprise her with something for HER! Today I am gushing about one of my favorite things: BEAUTY PRODUCTS! I just need ya’ll to know, as a self professed girly girl who always has a few mascaras in rotation, this post was HARD for me! I’m actually going to break it down into three segments: hair, makeup, and skin! When I thought about the one thing in each category that goes with me anytime I travel, I would grab if Kenny said you have 15 minutes to pack, or just makes me feel all girly and pink in a sea of testosterone I narrowed it down!

HAIR: You won’t see it often, but my natural hair is curly. It’s actually tamed down quite a bit since high school likely because of hormone changes with pregnancy but it is still thick. I don’t really like it curly, the age old “curly haired girl want theirs straight and straight hair girls want curls” but I am grateful I can wear my hair any which way. Because I color and heat treat it, I rely on Biosilk on the daily! My grandma actually got me hooked on this a good 10 years ago and I still love it. I put the tiniest bit into my hair and let it dry, then style it. If my hair still feels like straw after styling(then I need a haircut) but I add a teeny tiny TEENY drop more! This stuff is magic for me and a little goes more than along ways!



MAKEUP: Ah, my favorite girl product. I won’t even admit on the internet how much I spend on makeup a year since my husband reads my blogs šŸ˜‰ but suffice it to say something sneaks onto the conveyor belt at every Target, drug store, Ulta, Sephora run. No shame girls, no shame. Up until the end of last year I would have told you my favorite makeup product was my 3D Fiber Lash Mascara but honestly they changed the formula in the newer version and I just can’t hang with it. Anyways, I have been a loyal blog reader of Maskcara for years and years. When she launched her own foundation line, I waited and read reviews. When she revamped it, I snagged mine and have never looked back. I wrote a whole tutorialĀ on how I apply it, you can see that embarassingĀ video HERE. After 5 months I still love it. I’ve grown my palette collection, brush collection, and pushed it on a few of my friends. Their customer service is great and I love supporting another small business! Plus, I get compliments on my skin all the time and it cut my getting ready routine ALOT!


SKIN: It kind of makes me cringe but up until a few months ago, I just used random drug store face wash. St. Ive’s Apricot Scrub and Biore Charcoal Wash. My skin had a reddish color to it and still broke out. It was frustrating and I openly gushed about my friend Dahlia’s skin. In person her skin is absolutely gorgeous! It glows and looks super healthy. So I made an appointment with her and we spent quite some time chatting skin care. I went right home and tossed all my junk with chemicals I couldn’t pronounce. She got me hooked on a bunch of natural skin care but the one item I am taking with me to my grave is this serum. It makes my skin feel so great (smell is so so) and combined with my night cream, gives me a great canvas for morning face painting!



While these are my three favorites, I could easily list a top ten in each category! So tell me some of yours! I am always game for new exploring!


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