Maskcara IIID Foundation

Beauty Review

Well here we are again, another video blog review/how to. I have to say seeing yourself speak on camera is pretty frightening to me but I just didn’t think pictures would suffice for this! I personally will watch a video tutorial over and over to try and nail a look. I’ve loved Maskcara for a few years now and her tutorials are just EASY. They’re realistic to me as a mom, business owner but still need to look sassy ???? I enjoy getting dressed up and done. Maybe because I’m the queen of my house but I ALWAYS make time for myself. It’s one thing that makes me feel in control and even if the rest of my day goes to hell in a hand basket, at least I looked decent. Don’t get me wrong, on the weekends where we have nothing scheduled you’ll find me makeup less so my skin can BREATHE.

I am loving this makeup and how my skin looks. It’s not heavy or makes me feel cakey. It’s light, smooth and blends SO well. Add in that it’s one kit and two tools ad my face is nearly complete and I am sold!


  1. Cheryl says:


    I wanted to thank you for this tutorial. I’m starting to use maskcara foundation and this was I readily helpful!

    Would you mind sharing what eye makeup you are wearing? Your eyeliner (top and bottom) looks amazing. Any tips to making it last and not leave dark undereye marks?

    Thanks so much!

  2. erikamills says:

    Great Cheryl! I actually don’t recall! My eyeliner is the ELF liquid in black that I apply with a brush from their line too! Bottom lid is actually the eyeshadow I used on top and just mascara pushed at the lash line. 🙂

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