Maverick turns 2!


My sweet dude,

Two years ago you made such a quick entrance into this world, I am quite certain the ink never dried on my intake paperwork.

Since that moment you have shown your daddy and I what it is to love outside yourself. To want something for another human being more than we would ever want it for ourself.

You have made me a more patient person, a slower talker, and made me love your dad in a way I thought I already did.

You are simply awe inspiring. You are beyond intelligent, speak at a level twice your age, pick up things incredibly quickly, and love to know what we are doing at all time.

You say please, thank you, greet strangers, put yourself to bed, and love your blocks still.

The amount of growth you’ve had in the last year makes my head spin. On your first birthday you couldn’t walk, you literally cleaned the dance studio floor with your crawling. Now, you tell me “I go faster mommy” when you are going to run.

You have made everyone who meets you fall in love and be amazed at what a not quite two year old is capable of saying and understanding.

You are quite simply, my dream angel baby.

You are the best.




  1. Amanda Manupella says:

    Happy Birthday to the coolest kid ever. So glad to have you and your mommy in my world. Maya and I send you lots of love today and can’t wait to celebrate with you this weekend!!!

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