Oceanire Engagements | Ben & Cayla


Today’s engagement session featuring real life heroes, but duh I am biased. Cayla and Ben are getting married next October at the Historic Post Office but really wanted fall engagements!! They showed up dress to the nines AND gave me the sweetest gift. (Words of affirmation and then gifts are my love language so it was SO thoughtful. BUT when the gift is cheesecake DONE & DONE!!!)

We were SUPER lucky that Ben could pull some strings and get us this amazing location on the 10th story of the Oceanaire hotel in VB. It’s obviously a cool location but what makes it more special is that the sand right below the hotel is where these two met!! Ben saw Cayla at the beach one day and then noticed her for weeks after that, sometimes playing with her dog Cali. Cayla was oblivious. Admittedly, he was shy and nervous to chat with her so he admired from afar even giving her a code word so his fellow police officers would let him know when she was out!! 😀 It only took a few weeks before God stepped in and gave them a call they would both have to respond to, Cayla as the lifeguard on duty and Ben as the police officer.

Now these two make their home with Cali near the sea!! On top of being super women, Cayla is a total BA competing in cross fit competitions while Ben makes sure to be at EVERY SINGLE ONE. If you can’t tell going through these photos that he is ENAMORED with her, I think you need your vision checked 😉

After spending time on the sun deck, we headed over to Little Island in Sandbridge so Cali could join and we could have some more relaxed pictures. Oh my gosh the sunset was so picturesque!!! I love when we get those water-color painting colors in the sky!

Cayla & Ben I cannot wait for the journey the next year will take you and to be a part of that!!!





  1. Renee Weyant says:

    I love beach shoots! You have a real gift!!

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