The Hermitage Museum & Gardens Engagements | Cary & Carter


Ah my LAST engagement session of the season!!! What an incredible year it’s been between weddings and 2018 engagements, maternity sessions and the countless other portrait sessions I don’t share here on the blog because I would be a good 5 months behind on blogging!

I met Carter when she was in town briefly to handle some wedding stuff and I was so happy to finally meet Cary!! These two made a big move over the summer and were only going to be home together for Thanksgiving so it was make it happen or don’t! Luckily, we had a relatively mild day just before Thanksgiving and took advantage of their gorgeous wedding venue for engagements! I’ve made it no secret I absolutely love Norfolk’s The Hermitage Museum & Gardens. I’ve been fortunate to see the grounds transformed into the most incredible events and cannot WAIT for this one either!! Lounge areas, dance floors, LOTS of friends and family coming together, it is going to be one for the memory book I know!!

Planning this session was so FUN and I love that Carter made sure to pick outfits they’re comfortable in and that are “them”! As a girl who describes herself as very traditional and classic, her day is going to be SO pretty!!! They let me drag them all around the grounds and it did not disappoint with it’s fall colors and glow!

Next time I see both of them in Virginia, it will be wedding time!!!

Hair: Flawless by Amberly

Makeup: Blushtones Margaret

erika mills wedding photography_0093.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0094.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0095.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0096.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0097.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0098.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0099.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0102.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0103.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0104.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0105.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0106.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0107.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0108.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0109.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0110.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0111.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0112.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0113.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0118.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0119.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0120.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0117.jpg
erika mills wedding photography_0115.jpg

  1. Renee Weyant says:

    Beautiful location and couple!

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