Virginia Beach Resort & Hotel Center | Virginia Beach Wedding | Jake & Renee


When I sit down to write this post there are so many things I want to tell you about this day and yet no words do it justice. Well maybe one, JOY. From Renee radiating it to Jake’s father gushing about Jake, joy was all over the place this gorgeous Saturday. I think living here in Virginia Beach I forget that SO many people make it a destination and vacation spot for themselves! That was so fun about this day, Jake & Renee live a few hours from the beach and when choosing spots for their wedding knew they wanted to be married by the sea. For an August day, you couldn’t have asked for anything better. Sure it was warm but there was an incredible strong breeze coming off the water that cooled the guests and moved Renee’s veil just right. After introductions and dances, we snuck back outside for sunset portraits! Love that they made time for this!


virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0001 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0002 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0051 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0003 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0004 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0005 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0006 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0007 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0009 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0010 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0008 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0012 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0013 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0014 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0015 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0016 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0050 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0043 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0017 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0018 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0019 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0021 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0020 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0022 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0023 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0024 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0025 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0026 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0027 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0028 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0029 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0030 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0031 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0032 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0033 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0034 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0035 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0036 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0044 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0037 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0038 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0040 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0042 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0039 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0045 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0046 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0047 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0048 virginiabeachaquaweddingphoto_0049


Venue: Virginia Beach Resort and Hotel Conference Center

Hair/Makeup: Rebecca Padgett


Bridesmaid: David’s Bridal

Groom & Groomsmen: Jos A Banks

DJ: Bobby Reynolds with Hey DJ

Video: Ricky Lapkin



  1. Jessica says:

    Absolutely stunning! I LOVED the bride and groom portraits

  2. I like all of the pictures! How do I order prints? I have no printer attached at this time. I would several of your pictures you’ve printed in either 4×6 or 5×7 size. I am the grandmother and would like good prints to display along with my grandson’s wedding pictures. Thank you

  3. erikamills says:

    Shirley please email me!!! I’ll be happy to help 🙂

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