What to Wear for Engagement Pictures


Oh this post has been such a long time coming! All my Erika Mills brides get full access to this and so much more in their planning guides, but I realize there are so many times we can be in front of the camera and are not brides that styling advice would help. Here’s my take on it, when you invest in a photographer it is not just for their picture taking/editing skills. It is also for their knowledge and advice on styling, locations, time of days, posing, outfits, vendor referrals, and more. It’s because they’re an expert in their field and you are basically not. So you invest in them so that your experience will be the absolute best it can be! Now this isn’t all my advice on styling and sessions, some of that is totally reserved for my clients but these are my biggest tips for getting in front of the camera. I hope this helps you feel more relaxed and comfortable and confident next time!


  1. Opt for lighter tones and neutral/earth tone shades. Bright and bold colors are fun, and I get that is some people’s personalities and I love that. However, in almost all images where couples wear clothes so bright and bold, you notice just that. Clothes first, then the couple. I NEVER want people to first see the items of clothing in my images before they see the incredible people in them! Lighter tones and clothing allow your eye to go right to the face and emotions in that image.

  1. Pick clothing that flatters your features. Yikes I get it, we are all self-conscious over SOMETHING! If for you that’s your arms, opt for elbow or lower length sleeves. This slims your arms and makes certain they’re not somewhere the eye goes to immediately. A strapless dress would have the exact opposite effect on a female body! If I had killer arms, I would opt for that because I like that feature! Heels are another great investment in images. They elongate legs and keep the eye going down, making women look longer and leaner. Just bring some comfy walking shoes if they’re not easily worn from point A to B.
  2. Say NO to the tan. YIKES the dreaded spray tan. Personally, I am a lover of spray tans/bronzing mousse/etc. I love how I feel BUT it’s totally the opposite in pictures. Spray tans ALWAYS photograph orange, regardless of how perfect they look in front of the naked eye.
  3.  ALWAYS opt for professional hair and makeup. Pretty sure I’ve shared these sentiments before but hear me out. The camera naturally washes out features, ALWAYS, every time. The first to go? Eyelashes and lips. A professional artist can apply makeup to be picked up on camera without you feeling overdone!! I have a handful of girls I trust to make my clients look somehow more incredible than they already do!! Have your artist apply makeup in natural light, that’s where we will be shooting and then it will look fresh for you!

So there ya go! Just a few tips for you the next time you’re in front of the camera! It really can go a mile in making your experience that much better and you more excited for images. So treat yourself and plan ahead!


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