Show & Tell #4: Favorite Vacation Memory

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Ah okay this show & tell is so hard for me! My life is basically split into different categories: before Kenny, before kids, and mom. So when I think of my favorite vacation I have one from each step out! If I really really really have to narrow down and pick my favorite vacation memory I’ve got to go with this one. I love vacations and really look forward to them yearly! Kenny and I live pretty modest because it’s what we enjoy. We would rather spend our money there then on a large home or brand new cars. Those things just aren’t that important to us, but having the ability to travel and spend time together away from the daily grind is at the top of our list. This vacation was with him (and ALOT of other people!) and pre boys.

Every year since we dated Kenny and I went to Florida together in January with his mom’s dance studio and her performing team.  Now every year doesn’t include the keys (maybe 3 of the 11) but this was our second time going together and first time married! The end of January 2011, we stayed in Hawk’s Cay, one of my favorite places on Earth and a location I am DYING to shoot a wedding at! (like really really would give an amazing deal to someone there!) Anyways, one of the days we ventured down to Key West and spent the chilly day there! We had lunch at the Hogsbreath Saloon, wandered around and saw the Peter Lik gallery that was there, shopped, ate some more, and wound up at this daiquiri bar where you buy a cup and then keep refilling it. My sister in law, Shirley, and I had ALOT of enjoyment out of that 😉 It was really jsut one of those days where we had nowhere to go and nowhere to be! We found our way to the hotel in the center of the island and you get to enjoy 360* views….I mean gorgeous. Afterwards, we made it back to Sunset Grille where we watched the incredible sunset and a wedding! It was such a perfect day.

Have you been to Key West? What’s your favorite place there?

What about Hawk’s Cay? If you haven’t you definitely need to make it a trip!


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